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How to get $100K+ in funding in 90 days

Unlock your business potential with fast, substantial funding

  • Comprehensive eBook that guides you step-by-step through the process of obtaining over $100K in funding in just 90 days. Learn proven strategies, insider tips, and actionable steps to attract and secure the capital you need to fuel your entrepreneurial success.

Building your Credit Profile for Funding

Elevate your credit profile to unlock better funding opportunities

  • Walks you through the essential steps to build and strengthen your credit profile, making you an attractive candidate for lenders. Learn how to improve your credit score, manage your credit accounts effectively, and present yourself as a low-risk borrower.

List of Tradeline Vendors

Access the best tradeline vendors to boost your credit score quickly

  • Our guide lists reputable tradeline vendors to help you boost your credit score effectively. Understand how to select the right vendors and make informed decisions to enhance your credit profile. Use this guide to find reliable tradeline options and achieve your financial goals more quickly.

Metro2 Ebook

Simplify your credit reporting with expert Metro2 software insights

  • Provides a thorough overview of Metro2 credit reporting, ideal for both beginners and experienced users. Learn about Metro2 compliance, data furnishing, and reporting accuracy to ensure your credit data is correctly reported. Gain the knowledge and tools needed to make the most of Metro2 software for accurate credit reporting.

Discover the secrets to mastering your finances with our ultimate guide!

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Corporate Landlord

Business Coach, Mentor & Entrepreneur

Known for his remarkable ability to build and scale successful businesses from scratch. With years of hands-on experience, Benn has navigated the complexities of credit repair, mastering everything from business formation and system implementation to leveraging advanced AI software.

His in-depth knowledge and practical expertise make him an invaluable resource for anyone looking to excel in this field.

Benn’s mentorship is not just theoretical; he provides real-world, actionable insights that empower aspiring entrepreneurs to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Beyond his technical expertise, Benn excels in creating a powerful social media presence and personal brand, crucial elements that have significantly contributed to his own business success.

As a seasoned marketer, he knows how to attract the right audience and design service packages that resonate with clients.

Benn’s engaging and approachable teaching style ensures that mentees gain both the knowledge and confidence needed to thrive.

His commitment to their success is evident in his biweekly sessions and personalized support, making him an exceptional mentor who truly understands the path to building a prosperous credit repair business.

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Who Stands to Gain from the

Funding Fasttrack: The Ultimate Finance Guide Bundle

  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Seeking substantial funding to grow their businesses quickly.

  • Startups: Needing initial capital to launch and scale their operations.

  • Freelancers and Independent Contractors: Interested in securing business loans or lines of credit.

  • Financial Advisors and Consultants: Looking for resources to advise clients on securing funding and improving credit profiles.

  • Non-Profit Organizations: Seeking funding to support their programs and initiatives or wanting to improve their financial standing and credit profiles.

Who May Not Benefit from the

Funding Fasttrack: The Ultimate Finance Guide Bundle

  • Individuals with No Interest in Business or Funding: Those not seeking funding or not involved in business activities.

  • Individuals Seeking Personal Loans for Non-Business Purposes: This bundle focuses on business funding, not personal loans.

  • People Not Interested in Financial Education: Those who prefer to delegate financial matters to professionals and are not interested in learning about funding or credit management.

  • Businesses Not Prepared to Invest: Companies unwilling or unable to invest time and resources into building their credit profiles or following the steps outlined in the bundle.

  • Individuals Seeking Overnight Success: Those looking for immediate results without putting in the necessary effort and time may not find the bundle beneficial.


Stop wasting time and resources on ineffective strategies. Invest in the "Funding Fasttrack: The Ultimate Finance Guide Bundle" to gain the knowledge and tools needed for real, sustainable business growth.

Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to succeed!

  • How to get $100K+ in funding in 90 days (Ebook): $199

  • Building your Credit Profile for Funding (Guide): $149

  • List of Tradeline Vendors (Guide): $129

  • Metro2 Ebook (Software): $170

  • How to get $100K+ in funding in 90 days (Ebook): $199

  • Building your Credit Profile for Funding (Guide): $149

  • List of Tradeline Vendors (Guide): $129

  • Metro2 Ebook (Software): $170

total value: 647

today for only $47

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